• Car must not be more than 15 years old as per the current year. Must not be older than 2005 in 2020.

• Excellent working condition without any cosmetic damage. • Have 4 doors.

• Should have working seat belts, windows and air conditioning.

• Seat 4-7 passengers, plus the driver.

• Must not be a taxi, ex-taxi,government, branded or rebuilt vehicle.

• Pass pink slip or e-safety check.

• Must be CTP insured and registered in NSW.

• Must compliant with your state's regulations in licensing your car for ridesharing.

• INSURANCE: The vehicle must be registered and have a third party property insurance. Ridesharing must be included in their primary cover. Also must be listed in the car's property damage insurance policy, even if you are not the vehicle owner or main policy holder.

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